Bevan Griggs
Personal details:
Bevan Griggs (b. 1962, Perth, Western Australia)
Bevan Griggs is a mainly self-taught visual artist (painting) and has completed courses through TAFE community extension and also the Claremont School of Art.
He commenced painting as a serious hobby in 1982 and continued part time until taking up painting full time in 2009.
Bevan’s artistic ability surfaced early and during primary school one of his paintings was selected for a touring children’s art exhibition to South America. He continued enjoying art through high school but having pursued studies in the medical science field dropped art for a few years until recommencing as a hobby when he was 21.
Artist Statement
“My work invites you to relax and imagine you’re there!”
"I am inspired by natural beauty, particularly in the Australian landscape and the people who inhabit it. I especially enjoy water, native trees and earth/rocks, and prefer to include a ‘human element’ that says, “This is a place where people love to be”.
My objective in all of my art is to draw the viewer into the image, so that when standing in front of my work a desire to be in that place immediately arises."
"I often work from my own carefully taken photographs and enjoy painting in a realist style. Often I include small minutiae so that when viewing a piece a second or subsequent time further details are observed. I also enjoy experimenting with impressionist and abstract technique and various other styles and I’m happy that my non-realist art is being favourably viewed too."
"I have always had a strong spiritual dimension having been taken to church by my parents as a child. However as a fifteen year old I made a decision to become a Christian and this has shaped my life ever since, even to the point of completing full-time study and becoming a qualified Minister of Religion.
My belief is that this incredibly diverse and beautiful universe in which we live was created by a loving, compassionate and caring God and did not evolve as we have been taught. Not only does God want us to enjoy His amazing creation but to responsibly care for it too.
Thus my efforts to communicate the beauty of the created ‘natural’ environment with the inevitable inclusion of the Human imprint, forms the basis of my work. Through my paintings I want to invite people into the beautiful world in which we live reminding them that we all make our mark on God’s creation and that we are accountable for the impact we make on it.
Therefore my wish is that all of us adopt a more caring and sustainable lifestyle and not a consuming, abusing existence that is indifferent to the impact we may have on our planet."
This painting "Sunset fishing" is of my son-in-law near Denmark WA.
Winner - Overall First Prize
City of Stirling Art Award 2011 
Winner; Peoples Choice
Perth Royal Show 2000
Runner up; Peoples Choice
Perth Royal Show 1999
Winner; Popular Choice Award
Wagin Woolorama 1991
Highly Commended
Narrogin Classic Art Prize 1990
ArtGeo, Busselton
Group Exhibition
Joint exhibition with copper sculptor, Will Smithwick
Juicebox Gallery, North Perth
“My places of repose”
Fremantle Arts Centre Café
Muchea Community Hall
Joint exhibition with Karen Ingarfield
Competition Exhibitions: (Multiple entries over 25 years)
  • Perth Royal Show
  • Victoria Park Art Awards
  • Wagin Woolorama
  • Narrogin Classic Art Prize
  • York Society Art Awards
  • Trinity College Art Exhibition
  • City of Bayswater Art Awards
  • City of Stirling Art Awards
  • Cossack Art Awards
  • Dalwallinu Art Awards
  • Harvey Art Prize
  • City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder Art Prize
  • City of Swan Art Awards
  • Darlington Arts Festival
  • MetroChurch Community Art Awards
  • Town of Bassendean Art Awards
Collection Representation
City of Stirling
City of Bayswater
Private collections
-         Australia
-         New Zealand
-         USA
-         Japan
-         Indonesia
Exhibition Judge
2009 South Perth Church of Christ Competition
Kate Spade Bags Australia